Trendy Wooden sunglasses Made with perfection

So ready for this summer with the cool sunglasses from Wooden Made!
I love this natural looking sunglasses trend and these sunnies match with so many outfit looks. Beach, I am coming for ya!
Check out the Wooden Made sunnies as they now offer 20% discount on their whole collection.
This offer is valid from the 13th till the 21st of August. Use the code aug2018.
So hurry up while the summer is still in full swing!

You can tell the sunglasses from Wooden Made are made with great care. They are handmade and in the process they carefully selected the proper kind of wood. All the sunglasses have an unique look because of the characteristic grains. Besides that every single model has an unique look, the sunglasses are very light. Therefore, they are so comfy to wear. As light as these sunglasses might feel, the quality is superb.
One of the first models me and my boyfriend have bought at the Dutch webshop Wooden Made are still in a perfect condition.

One of the reasons why I love the sunglasses from Wooden Made is because of the sophisticated and natural look. Everything starts at mother nature.
The frames are cut out from wooden blocks and so the unique design is being created.
You will be ready to shine with your unique and trendy wooden sunglasses.
By the way, the models are all made from sustainable wood meaning the used wood is FSC certified.
I have also got a great heart for the nature and it makes me happy to see the sunglasses models are made with respect for the nature.

I have mentioned earlier me and my boyfriend Michiel have secretly been a fan of the Wooden Made sunglasses for quite a while. Every time the sun is out, we cannot wait to wear our Wooden Made sunnies. For example check out the Bubinga model. Michiel loves the color of the wood and the material looks and feels very solid. One of the new models is the Lugano. The ends consist of some nice details and this model has blue mirror lenses. With the Lugano you guaranteed have an edgy and cool look.

I am still so happy with my Saint Tropez model! From different angles you see multiple colors of wood.
This model has been designed with several kinds of wood. Now I am even more ready for my beach trips with these comfy sunglasses.
The other model which I am very excited about is the Alpina. It stands out even more with the green mirror lenses.
These sunglasses have a more round frame. Both models are completely different and therefore I can create a totally new look.

You should definitely take a look at the Dutch webshop Wooden Made!
Besides great quality sunglasses they also supply in nice looking cases to protect your Wooden Made sunnies.
I can definitely recommend these sunglasses as your eyes are well protected by polarized UV400 lenses.

The webshop offers a great service as all the sunglasses are being delivered with a cleaning cloth and deliveries are free within The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium! Order your sunnies before 22.00 pm on a business day and the next day you have them on your doorstep.
Do not forget to order your Wooden Made sunglasses with 20% discount with the code aug2018 as this deal is still valid till August 21st!

Have fun in the sun!

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