City Hopping through Sweden

I cannot wait to tell you all about Sweden. In the first upcoming blogs Sweden will be in the spotlights. Why Sweden? Maybe it interests you as a next holiday destination, but you do not know what to expect? When I told people I was going to travel through Sweden during Summer time, they said “Why Sweden, when you can go to a beautiful island with white beaches and cocktails?” I will also not say no to tanning and relaxing on a nice beach. Maybe Sweden is not the usual holiday destination you will first think of, but I am also the kind of person who likes to explore new places.
I have traveled through Sweden several times, during Winter and Summer. This country has a lot to offer regarding city life and nature, various cultural sight seeings, pleasant people to be around, fashion, design and let’s not forget the great fika’s. You do not know yet what a fika is? No worries, in one of my next blogs I will give you all the fika ins and outs. I guarantee you, Swedish goodness will make you hungry 😀

City life in Sweden

While you are in Sweden, I definitely recommend to go city hopping. Have you ever been to Göteborg, Örebro or Stockholm? Hopefully this blog might trigger you to book your first trip to one of these cities.


Let’s start in the South of Sweden, Gothenburg or in Swedish Göteborg. Are you into concept stores? Or shopping in general? You should definitely have a look in the streets of Haga. You will find many shops and cafés in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Göteborg. The street Haga Nygata has this charm with its wooden houses where you find cozy cafés, little interior shops, clothes boutiques and vintage stores.
When you are up for some food or drinks, the restaurant Barabicu is the perfect place. It is nice to sit outside and the restaurant has a cool and funky interior.
Are you a big fan of fish? The fish market Feskekörka is fully packed with all kinds of fresh fish and Göteborg is the city where you can find the best and delicious fish.
One of my favorite drinks is Chai Latte tea. While you are in Magasinsgatan, a bit of a hipster, but cool neighborhood with trendy stores and boutiques with Swedish fashion and design brands, make sure to have some nice coffee or Chai Latte tea at Da Matteo. You can get Chai Latte tea in all kinds of flavors. Enjoy!


In 2011, I have spent half a year in Örebro for my University Exchange. Best decision ever!
Are you a student and you are thinking about doing an exchange? I surely recommend Örebro University. During those 6 months, I have experienced the cold beautiful Winter and nice warm Summer in Sweden.
After my University Exchange I have always wanted to go back to Sweden and to Örebro.
Immediately, it felt like home when I returned! Örebro is characterized by the Örebro Castle.
It is definitely worth it to do a tour through this historical building. Talking about historical buildings, Wadköping is an open air museum with lots of the typical red painted wooden houses and atmospheric courtyards. It gives quite an idea how Örebro looked like back in the days. These houses are now home to boutiques, bakeries, exhibitions and all kinds of hand craft shops. This nice student city has a center with quite some shops, coffee places and restaurants. If you like to go for drinks and some dancing, I had a great time at Frimis. It is beautiful sitting outside at the water with a cocktail and afterwards dance the night away at great parties. Sköll! (Cheers in Swedish)


Last but not least, the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. I have been there four times and it amazes me every time. The versatility is unbelievable. Stockholm consists of several islands. In this blog, I will zoom in on four of them; Norrmalm, Södermalm, Gamla Stan and Djurgården.

All shopaholics, do I have your attention? I want to wish you good luck containing yourself when shopping in the City Center of Stockholm;), in the district Norrmalm. Here you will find the popular department stores and other shops. Especially, Drottninggatan, Hamngatan and Kungsgatan are the famous shopping streets in the City Center. Norrmalm is very vibrant with all its shopping areas, restaurants, bars and festivities.

Södermalm is less crowded than Norrmalm, but very upcoming. This part of the city used to be the former island of the working class. The district has an unique atmosphere where creative entrepreneurs have established themselves. On every corner of the street is a vintage barbershop, music club, brew pub or fair trade food bar to be found. The hipster neighborhoods are fun to walk around and definitely take the opportunity to walk into a vintage or retro shop if you are looking for vintage gewgaws.
Stockholm is a gorgeous city and you do not want to miss out on your perfect postcard picture.
Two hotspots for the best city views are at Mosebacke Etablissement | Södra Teatern where you have a big terrace to enjoy your drinks and food and swoon because of gorgeous Stockholm. Another place to be is Mariaberget at Montelliusvägen. Especially by the end of the afternoon the view of Stockholm has something magical. See for yourself: [picture]

One of my favorite Stockholm areas is Gamla Stan, Old Town. This is the old pedestrian-friendly center where you will be surrounded by the beautiful Royal Palace, museums, shopping boutiques, handcraft shops and cozy bars and restaurants. You can walk around for hours and keep seeing new fun places.
The center has this medieval and unique character which makes it very interesting to visit.
By the way, one of the best hot chocolates is being served at Chokladkoppen and lunch there is so yummy. However, if you want to be in candy heaven go to Polkagriskokeri where they make hand-made traditional Swedish candy. I might have bought myself a bag or two since I have a sweet tooth.

Djurgården is a true paradise to walk through. It is easy to do a walking tour on this island with lots of famous museums, green nature, parks and cultural attractions. One of the areas is Skansen, one of the oldest open-air museums which represents the typical Swedish lifestyle since centuries. Additionally, it contains the Zoo which is home to the Nordic animals. Are you in for something more active? Then experience Gröna Lund. This is an amusement park with 30 exciting rides and if you are a big music fan, you can also enjoy the several concerts of world’s biggest artists.
Check their website for the upcoming shows.

I would love to tell you even more about these cities, but I am not going to spill all the beans;)
Experience city hopping through Sweden yourself and let me know how it was:D

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