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Hi there, I am May-Britt and welcome to my blog Bits of May-Britt. What are the bits that inspire me?
Stay tuned and you will find out on Bits of May-Britt.

I am one of those people who gets enthusiastic about so many things. Nowadays, we are constantly being triggered by everything that happens around us. And yes, I believe the modern digital world is a big influencer. However, even when you do not have your phone or computer with you, you can still get inspiration from the people around you, different cultures, doing sports, music, your work environment and so on.

I do not know about you, but looking at myself I usually cannot wait to share my stories and also with the intention of perhaps inspiring others. So why did I start blogging? I like to challenge myself; I’m a Dutch girl and I like to surround myself with different cultures, environments and languages. I have graduated in European Studies and already during my study I have lived at different locations in and outside The Netherlands; Valencia, The Hague, Brussels and Sweden. Intercultural communication has always intrigued me and I am thankful this has been leading in my Communication career in different ways so far. Therefore, all my blogs will be in English and I want to take my writing skills to the next level.

What to expect on Bits of May-Britt?

Fashion Addict
Yes, I am a true fashion addict. Fashion is diverse and changes continuously and the thing with a certain fashion trend is, it can make a comeback. When it does make a comeback the style always has a twist. I believe fashion tells something about a person. To me fashion is art as you can make a statement. When it comes to brands, I do not have a special preference. I like to stroll along (small) boutiques and choose a fashion piece that stands out and I cannot keep staring at. As fashion is definitely one of my great passions, I will share my latest purchases, trends, must haves, my favorite (online) boutiques and more!

I realize I love music for as long as I can remember. I am a 90’s girl and as a young May-Britt I sang and dance along with the famous guilty pleasures we all know from that time. Besides listening to music, I have also done modern ballet and street dance at a young age. When I hear a great song I just have to dance. Several times a year I visit concerts and music festivals. I can tell I have a never ending list with my favorite artists and songs. I am definitely not done with discovering new artists and I follow their tours whenever I can. Are you curious what festivals and artists you should keep an eye on? Read my music blogs and you are ready for your year of concerts and festivals.

Oh yes food! Did someone say pizza time? I will be the first in line. Pizza is not my only favorite cheat meal. I am quite sportive and we all know how hard it is to stay fit. Crash diets or any diet in particular has never really been my thing. I enjoy good food whether it is healthy or less healthy and of course when possible with some nice company. Now and then I experiment with recipes and I can honestly say I am not opposed to tasty dishes from several foreign kitchens. I am looking forward to share my favorite food and drink recipes with you. When I am traveling around I check out the must visit restaurants beforehand and when I see the menu and it is mouthwatering right away, it is an absolute yes for me! You do not want to miss out on these must visit restaurants? Stay tuned for my recommendations.

Discovering new places, different cultures, engaging with local people, etc. This is wat traveling means to me and I love traveling so much! Whether it is a relaxing beach trip, adventurous road trip, city trip, I will join the ride! I feel honored to have been able to explore places within and outside Europe and I am not done exploring yet. Follow my adventures on Bits of May-Britt and if you have any travel destinations which you like to share with me, drop me a message. When I am back from my trip it does not take long before I am already preparing the next one. I get inspired right away when I read these amazing travel stories from other bloggers. How about you? Are you preparing your next trip already?

Having a relaxing evening or weekend with just sitting on the couch and doing nothing is easier said than done. Once in a while we all need these kind of moments and I definitely appreciate these moments. However, I am also quite good in having a busy schedule and that is because I like to seek for all kinds of events which interest me and go well my passions. I get excited when visiting different sports -, lifestyle -,marketing & communication – and music events. And that is not all. Curious which events are worth visiting and you should add to your calendar? Check my events blogs.

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